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Twitter, 1:14 PM Oct 17

RT @wsjCMO: Fake Ad Fraud Ring Gets Conference Goers Attention - CMO Today - WSJ http://t.co/LEfzBAOWn6 #ANAMasters

Nick and Spinney unwind with bean bags and brews at the #TUGG block party
Twitter, 10:50 AM Oct 17

The Whisper tracked round the world: no one is using their inside voice in “anonymous” social net http://t.co/XhuxmJVsbN

@chenpr_ snaps a selfie at the post #DayOfService block party
Twitter, 10:40 AM Oct 10

Confounding interest: flood of JPM/bank hacks further muddied by latest “source” report http://t.co/VbwQw4vCN1