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Twitter, 12 HRS

RT @PeterHoweNECN: On assignment, we swear, with @danferrigan at the Harpoon Brewery in #Boston http://t.co/rmgmBbVVMV

Taking in the #greenway artwork on a walk around the neighborhood at lunch 🎨🌲 #boston #sculpture
Twitter, 18 HRS

Bondage: is it safe or deviant for brands to cling to outdared “norms” http://t.co/ALuPWIbOYp

Wishing you all a bright and sunny day from the CHEN PR crew ✨ #DTX #BostonCommons
Twitter, 18 HRS

Underaged: Amazon taps into the startup market for alcohol delivery http://t.co/nypI2KtM5O