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Uncategorized Posted Apr 19, 2017 by Mike Spinney

Perspective: A Brief Reminder

Every year around this time I remember one of the first important lessons in public relations that I learned because of the events of April 19, 1995. I shared my experience on this blog two years ago and thought it fitting to re-post on the tragic anniversary of the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah […]

Company Culture, Events Posted Apr 13, 2017 by Mike Spinney

Marathon Monday Poems 2012 – 2017

In 2012, with Marathon Monday forecasts predicting temperatures in the low 90s, I was inspired to write a poem in humorous sympathy for an old high school chum who was not looking forward to running in the heat. With that first effort I decided the following year to do it again and a minor holiday […]

Company Culture, Events, Public Relations Posted Apr 4, 2017 by Liza Vilnits

Sam Whitmore Comes to Town!

At least once a year we’re lucky enough to catch up with media guru Sam Whitmore to hear the latest updates about who’s who and what’s new in the media and especially the tech press, as well as learn all the newest trends and opportunities for PR people to maximize our pitching success. Sam wants […]

Company Culture, Opinions Posted Mar 22, 2017 by Mike Spinney

The World Needs More Garys

Last year I introduced you to Gary, the guy who sells me Boston’s street paper Spare Change News. All through this stubborn winter I’ve been cheered and buoyed by Gary’s smile and unwavering optimism. Whether at his regular afternoon corner at Congress and Hanover, or during chance encounters elsewhere in the Downtown Crossing/Haymarket neighborhoods as […]

Opinions, Public Relations Posted Mar 8, 2017 by Mike Spinney

Help Tell The Story. Don’t Be A Part Of It.

My college advisor and writing mentor, John Lannan, dispensed a lot of advice for the aspiring reporter. One that came to mind last night was, “A journalist should tell a story, not be a part of it.” That’s good counsel for a PR flak, too. We shouldn’t become part of the stories we help others […]

Opinions, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Feb 28, 2017 by Mike Spinney

I Still Have Much to Learn

Last month I was invited to speak to two classes at Hult International Business School’s Cambridge, Mass campus. Professor Jeffrey Schiebe teaches in the marketing, communications and public relations program there and regularly invites professionals active in their field to come in and share their experience and insights with the students. I accepted the invitation. […]

Company Culture, High Technology Posted Feb 14, 2017 by Mike Spinney

If You Make It To Washington’s Birthday…

I thought we’d sneaked past Old Man Winter this year. Again. Sure, there were a few storms that had inconvenienced Eastern Massachusetts this year, but in early February out my way some intrepid syrupers already had their maple trees tapped and their sap lines running. Apart from the usual shady spots the snow was mostly […]

Events, Public Relations Posted Jan 27, 2017 by Liza Vilnits

Grab Your Party Hat and Your Beverage: The Ups and Downs of RSA Conference Planning

As my colleague Jennifer recently shared, the clock is ticking until the RSA Conference (T minus 17 days!) and things aren’t slowing down at the small but mighty CHEN PR headquarters. Every year, sometime between Thanksgiving and New Year’s we take a deep breath and send out that first calendar invite to get together to […]

Company Culture, Opinions, Social Media Posted Jan 23, 2017 by Kevin Kosh

It’s a Trap!

Life is full of surprises and puzzles.   There are things that grab your attention and your heart, things that feed your inner child, and things that you do because they are the right thing to do – and you get sucked in and can’t escape, and really don’t want to. For me, that has been […]

Events Posted Jan 13, 2017 by Jennifer Torode

All Hands on Deck and Full Speed Ahead—The RSA Conference 2017 is Only One Month Away!

Like a human DDoS attack, a massive flood of security marketing, PR, sales, researchers, reporters and analysts are staging themselves, and preparing to descend on San Francisco for the annual RSA Conference 2017, February 13-17. The security industry has always had to move quickly as cybercriminals spanning the globe seem to always be one step […]