60 Seconds: Like No Other

Uncategorized Posted Nov 22, 2005 by metropolis

Something on the lighter side from CHEN PR director Becky Ayers…

There is something to be said for the Sony’s “Color, like no other” commercial for its new BRAVIA LCD television. In one word: captivating.

Picture 250,000 brightly colored small rubber balls bouncing down the hills of two converging streets in San Francisco. The scene is shot in slow motion, from a variety of angles, and is set to a relaxing acoustic guitar piece that is reminiscent of a warm summer day.

It’s something you have to see to appreciate. And it certainly called to my inner child.

What I find so refreshing is how the segment embodies Sony’s single message: color, like no other. Rather than overwhelming the senses with too many messages (which causes me to “tune out”), this is absolutely captivating. Sure, the scene could have been rendered by computer to simulate a host of bouncing balls or other items coupled with fantastic special effects and heart-pounding music. But the real thing is far more enjoyable to watch. I’m even curious as to how it would look on a BRAVIA — I bet it’s spectacular.

From a PR perspective, it underscores the point that clear and focused messaging is critical to reach your desired audience — and more importantly, engage them. It’s a shame when companies miss the big picture by measuring PR results based soley on the number of hits they receive. While I’m not saying that quantity is unimportant for a range of reasons, good PR pros know that quality of coverage is the true measure of success. Captivating your audience is far more likely to drive your business forward.

If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, it is worth taking one minute out of your day. But I recommend taking a few minutes to wind down for the Thanksgiving holiday and watch the extended version.