A Launch with Few Answers

Uncategorized Posted Jun 20, 2012 by chenpr

Only Microsoft could conduct a major launch for their new Surface tablet with few specifics. And while doing so, announce a major new direction for the company.

As a consumer and a business owner, one wonders what they expected in terms of sales or commitments from the launch. Coverage of course was extensive and either balanced or somewhat negative. The GigaOM article by Kevin Tofel was an example of the positives and negatives.

Pricing and availability were not announced. And the real kicker is Surface will only be available by purchasing online (without trying it, really?) or in one of their stores. There is not a single store in Massachusetts other than a mention on their site of Boston “coming soon.” In fact there are no Microsoft stores in major cities in the Northeast – including nothing in NYC. I guess I’d have to drive to Danbury, CT to try it out. Probably not.

Additionally the company has told their partners that Surface will have a pro version, running Windows 8 and basically replace laptops from manufacturers such as Dell who have long been Microsoft partners.

Needless to say this will be interesting to watch. iPad killer? I think not.