Adding to the Security Client Brain Trust

Cyber Security, High Technology, Innovation, Public Relations, Technology Posted Jun 12, 2020 by Doug De Orchis

There’s a common trait shared by CHENers. We love to be busy.

Fortunately, we continue to get our wish on that front, because we’ve recently added some great new clients – Beyond Identity, Bishop Fox, Devo, and Verve Industrial Protection.

The good gets better, too. They’re all setting new bars in cybersecurity – a space we’re especially passionate about.

So, while our current WFH model means we can’t shout their names from our rooftop in Downtown Crossing, providing some background on each will have to suffice for now.

Enjoy, and stay safe!

– The CHEN PR team


Beyond Identity – The recently launched company was founded by Silicon Valley legends Jim Clark and Tom Jermoluk to eliminate passwords and radically change the way the world logs in. The startup is delivering, for the first time, a fundamentally secure solution (based on industry-standard certificate chains) for passwordless identity management that requires no changes to security infrastructures, completely removes login friction for end users, and will provide consumers with a much more secure alternative to password managers.


Bishop Fox – The largest private professional consulting firm provides services that are both offensive and defensive in nature. In fact, that combo led to the derivation of the name “Bishop Fox” from two famous movie characters: hacker Martin Bishop from the 1992 film Sneakers and Wayne Enterprise executive Lucius Fox in the Batman comic book series. Aside from its creative company name (which we CHEN PR geeks love), Bishop Fox conducts penetration tests and security assessments to help businesses secure their products, applications, networks and cloud, and establish more effective security programs. The Continuous Attack Surface Testing (CAST) platform, its latest service, is a MSSP offering that can generate and maintain a real-time map of an organization’s attack surface and leverage advanced automation to continuously identify potential weaknesses on its perimeter.


Devo – A provider of massively scalable Security/SOC Analytics, the company unlocks the full value of machine data, addressing both the explosion in volume of machine data and the new, crushing demands of algorithms and automation through its AI and Machine Learning tools. Devo just launched Devo Security Operations, which empowers analysts to focus on the threats that matter most to their businesses. The new platform puts the right alerts, data, context and intelligence at the fingertips of analysts across the span of threat life cycles.


Verve Industrial Protection – This OT cyber security solution provider combines some of the world’s leading control system experts with innovative cyber security technology for a comprehensive design, assessment, remediation and monitoring of OT networks. Headquartered in Chicago, the company has helped ensure reliable and secure industrial control systems for the past 25 years. Its principal offering, the Verve Security Center, is a unique, vendor-agnostic OT end point management platform that provides IT-OT asset inventory, vulnerability management, and the ability to remediate threats and vulnerabilities from its orchestration platform. Verve’s Design-4-Defense professional services support clients in ensuring their OT environments are designed and operated in the most secure manner possible.