Advancing Society with Increased Protection: February Client Coverage Highlights

Cyber Security, High Technology, Innovation, Public Relations, Technology Posted Mar 6, 2020 by Claire Mutty

As the new year flies by, the RSA Conference holds court in San Francisco, and spring rapidly approaches, reports of physical and virtual attacks around the world continue. Fortunately, companies from various industries are making strides to improve global security.

In February, several clients shared their views into key cybersecurity issues, while others earned coverage for insights into AI-and-sensor-based human security, risk management and encryption for data protection. Check out some of the highlights:


CRN, 13 Hot Endpoint And Network Security Tools At RSA Conference 2020

Digital Guardian announced its new service, Digital Guardian Managed Detection & Response (MDR), at the RSA Conference. Digital Guardian MDR includes deployment of the company’s endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology that continuously collects system, user and data telemetry while blocking behavioral indicators of an attack in real-time. Incident response and threat neutralization support is delivered by Digital Guardian’s cybersecurity team as part of the service, providing customers with executive-level reports, root-cause analysis, and indicators of compromise tracking sheets.


Campus Safety Magazine, 2 S.C. School Districts Install Evolv Technology Weapons Detection Systems

Last month, two South Carolina school districts – Spartanburg County District 6 and Florence 1 Schools – became the first schools in the nation to install Evolv Technology’s AI-based, free-flow weapons-detection systems to keep students safe. Evolv systems eliminate the need to choose between preventing threats from entering a campus, and maintaining a welcoming environment that allows students, and staff, to move quickly through screening. The technology can screen 60 people per minute and doesn’t require emptying of pockets or removing bags. Given the increasing frequency of school shootings, keeping students safe is paramount for both school districts, and they “had been coming up short until Evolv. They checked all of the boxes,” said Dr. Mark Smith, Director of Student Services and Safety at Spartanburg 6.


Risk Management Magazine, 2020 Cyberrisk Landscape

Cyber incidents were named the top risk for businesses across the world and are expected to increase during the next decade. Awareness about these threats is escalating, especially as companies become increasingly dependent on their data and IT systems to run their businesses. As regulators and investors look to top executives and boards of directors to recognize, assess and plan for these incidents and most effectively manage the risks at stake, RiskLens Director of Risk Science, Jack Freund, discussed with Risk Management Magazine that predicting cyber losses will soon require more detail. While mentioning that this will include potential losses, he also explains how these losses could become covered in bond, insurance or cash reserve.


SC Media, SC Podcast: Banning end-to-end encryption sounds authoritarian, warns social scientist

The chief social scientist at Virtru, Andrea Little-Limbago, sat down for a podcast based on her presentation at the RSA Conference. She defines two sides of a critically important dynamic: White House administrators argue that terrorists and criminals are leveraging encryption messaging apps for surveillance, so investigators need ‘back doors’ in the name of national security versus those who oppose that position. ‘Back doors’ make access to data vulnerable and thus will weaken security.