An Inspiring Evening

Uncategorized Posted Jun 20, 2007 by metropolis

By Veep Randy Wambold…
CHEN PR Founding Partner
Chris Carleton and I recently had the chance to attend the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year dinner. We were invited by our client Boston-Power, whose founder Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, was a finalist. Calling as it did for me to wear a tux for the first time since my wedding ten years ago, I suppose the evening was destined to be memorable from the start – and it did not disappoint.

Having not attended this event before, I was not really sure what to expect heading into it. Of course all of the obvious jokes came to mind about a party planned by accountants. But on this occasion the accountants played stereotype-buster. More than a rote awards ceremony, the evening felt like a sincere celebration of what these entrepreneurs have achieved – and why they have achieved it.

Listening to award winners in the various categories, it became clear that entrepreneurs are by definition passionate and committed, as well of course as driven and ambitious. I was struck by how many of the finalists talked in their acceptance speeches about “changing the world.”

I was also struck and moved by the award winners from outside the U.S. who talked about the opportunities this country had offered them. One gentleman, from Hong Kong I believe, simply stated “America really is the land of opportunity.” I would be remiss if I did not mention Dr. Lampe-Onnerud here as well. A native of Sweden, Dr. Lampe-Onnerud herself frequently comments on the unique opportunities she believes the U.S. offers entrepreneurs.

In a time when it seems like there’s a lot going on in this country that’s cause for grave concern, it was for me a refreshing reminder of what this country does offer. I feel proud to live in a place that attracts entrepreneurs of this caliber, who come here to implement their dreams.

Finally, I would like to offer, on behalf of all of CHEN PR, sincere congratulations to Dr. Lampe-Onnerud and all of our friends at Boston-Power for being named a finalist. Thank you for making us part of such an enjoyable evening.