An iPod in Every Shoe…

Uncategorized Posted May 24, 2006 by metropolis

Reuters reports today that Nike “is making running shoes that will tell the wearer how far and how fast he or she has run and how many calories they have burned.” The data will be collected thanks to a Nike+iPod Sport Kit embedded in the shoe. The kit is a wireless system that allows Nike footwear to communicate with an iPod® nano, which will display the data on its tiny screen. You can also get the data via an audio feed to your headphones. Amazingly, the Sport Kit is expect to sell for just $29, according to Reuters.

The announcement was made yesterday in NY by Nike CEO Mark Parker and Apple CEO Jobs, with Lance Armstrong and marathon world record-holder Paula Radcliffe on hand as running bling.

Reuters reports that 75 percent of runners listen to music while they exercise, so it’s little wonder that Nike stock shot up 2 percent.