Announcing…Power, Drugs & Money

Entrepreneurs Posted Sep 23, 2007 by metropolis

No, this is not the name of our annual Red Cross fundraiser. (But now that you mention it, pencil it in for December 4th at the Doubletree Waltham.)

And it’s not the name for our non-tech practice group, although it’s pretty apt.

It’s the moniker for the Cambridge MIT Enterprise Forum‘s annual winter Innovation Summit, tentatively slated for Feb. 7, 2008. (Watch this space for the confirmation of the date.) The conference committee, which I’m honored to serve on for the third year in a row, is aiming to focus on local innovation in three key sectors — energy, life sciences and financial services — and how these industries affect the global economy. We’ll try to build on the success of last year’s Brave New Web conference, which was sold out at just over 400 attendees.

Kudos to our own Veep Kevin Kosh for blurting out this name at an internal brainstorming. Kudos to the conference organizers for having the sisu to bless it.