Are You Ready for Your Close Up?

Uncategorized Posted Oct 27, 2005 by metropolis

CHEN Account Manager Juli Greenwood spotted this useful article…

In a recent BusinessWeek piece, Publicist Marsha Friedman offers useful tips on how entrepreneurs can attract attention from radio and TV media outlets — and make the most of it when they get it. When asked “How do you conduct yourself in a way that makes the host want to invite you back?” she offers this advice:

You need to sparkle on air. Enthusiasm speaks loud and clear, so in order to keep the audience attentive you need to maintain a high level of interest throughout the interview. Remember, media is about entertainment. So you want to be both informative and entertaining, not boring. Do that, and you’ll find the host jumping in to help you promote your message.

… and for those nervous about their entree into the spot light she reassures, “…don’t be too hard on yourself after your first appearance. No one goes out and bats a home run the first time at the plate. So try to be as comfortable as possible and as prepared as you can be, and then enjoy yourself.”