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Uncategorized Posted Jan 11, 2012 by Chris Carleton

Cars, China & Cruising in the Dart

The Big Kahuna of US auto shows – the North American International Auto Show – revs up this week in Motor City and runs through January 22. Boston-Power International Chairman Christina Lampe-Onnerud will be there meeting-and-greeting with industry movers-and-shakers. And she’s participating in the Automotive News World Congress, joining a Who’s Who industry list of […]

Uncategorized Posted Nov 8, 2011 by Chris Carleton

Dream Big! Please!

If your idea of fun is hanging out at Fenway Park with a couple hundred folks – all dedicated to enriching the lives of inner city girls through sports and all the positive life habits that are instilled by being physically active – then last Saturday night’s 2nd Annual Dream Big! Sports Gala and Auction […]

Uncategorized Posted Sep 25, 2009 by Chris Carleton

What’s Up with China and PR?

If you’re like us, you’re hearing more every day about the increasingly important role Asia generally — and China specifically — is playing for companies of all stripes, sizes and markets. And also if you’re like us, you’re hearing from fellow PR pros, client execs and others that trying to get — and keep — […]

Uncategorized Posted Jan 31, 2008 by Chris Carleton

WebInno Meeting: Space, Race and Carbon Pace

If you’re looking for a better way to find parking spaces, want to play your own version of the Amazing Race or get a handle on the carbon footprint you and your Facebook buddies are leaving behind, then the January 29 Web Innovators event was the place to be. Interesting timing, too. It coincided with […]

Uncategorized Posted Nov 5, 2007 by Chris Carleton

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Few things are as regularly reported as death, taxes — and the relationship between PR people and the media. The most recent log on the fire is the battle between Chris Anderson of Wired and Longtail fame and PR contacts who’ve apparently pitched Anderson on topics about which he could care less. Or careless is […]