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Opinions, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Feb 28, 2017 by chenpr

I Still Have Much to Learn

Last month I was invited to speak to two classes at Hult International Business School’s Cambridge, Mass campus. Professor Jeffrey Schiebe teaches in the marketing, communications and public relations program there and regularly invites professionals active in their field to come in and share their experience and insights with the students. I accepted the invitation. […]

Company Culture, High Technology Posted Feb 14, 2017 by chenpr

If You Make It To Washington’s Birthday…

I thought we’d sneaked past Old Man Winter this year. Again. Sure, there were a few storms that had inconvenienced Eastern Massachusetts this year, but in early February out my way some intrepid syrupers already had their maple trees tapped and their sap lines running. Apart from the usual shady spots the snow was mostly […]

Company Culture, Opinions Posted Dec 19, 2016 by chenpr

My Gift To You (Merry Christmas)

Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas I make an earnest effort to get into the holiday spirit. There are years that urge hits me as soon as I wake up from my tryptophanic coma and others when it takes a few days—or weeks—longer. Inevitably that day arrives and I start listening to seasonal music and let […]

Company Culture, Public Relations, Uncategorized Posted Dec 2, 2016 by chenpr

Season’s End

It’s December and the start of meteorological winter. More to the point for me, I finally moved my trusty car fly rod (the one I keep with me just in case) out of my car and onto its rack inside the garage. That’s not to say a stretch of warm weather might not call it […]

Entrepreneurs, Opinions Posted Oct 17, 2016 by chenpr

Reliably Positive

Last week I recalled advice given to me by an early mentor who told me, “In this business talent is nice, but reliability is what matters.”   I pass by an example of “reliability is what matters” nearly every day on my way home that seemed worth sharing.   Gary sells the Spare Change News […]

Opinions, Public Relations Posted Oct 11, 2016 by chenpr

Godspeed, John Lannan

When I was attending the University of Southern Maine and working as a reporter for the school’s weekly student newspaper, the Free Press, my wise advisor John Lannan gave me a piece of advice that has stuck with me over the years.   “In this business talent is good, but reliability is what matters.”   […]

Company Culture Posted Jun 16, 2016 by chenpr

Herman Spinney’s Boy

When I was a boy, I posed a question to my dad: “When will I become a man?” I’m sure I’m not the first kid to ever ask that question, and while I don’t recall my age at the time of the inquiry, what we were doing when I did the asking, or what put […]

Entrepreneurs, High Technology, Innovation Posted Jun 9, 2016 by chenpr

The Once and Future IoT

In May, following the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge’s Connected Things 2016 event, I scribbled some thoughts about my experience with embedded systems the Internet of Things and how what’s old is new again. This isn’t a rehash of those thoughts. I had the occasion to attend another IoT event in Boston. This one was […]

Entrepreneurs, Events Posted Jun 7, 2016 by chenpr

Boston Entrepreneurs Shine at MIT Enterprise Forum 2016 Startup Spotlight

Last night CHEN PR attended the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge’s 2016 Startup Spotlight to watch 30 innovative young companies vie for the evening’s awards such as Company I Want to Have a Beer With, Future Unicorn and Most Likely to Develop a Cult Following. The aspiring business moguls, representing a cross-section of the region’s […]

Entrepreneurs, High Technology, Innovation Posted May 9, 2016 by chenpr

Connected Things: The Past and Present of IoT

Years ago I worked with a company that was a pioneer in what was then known as system-on-chip networking. NetSilicon had made its mark connecting office printers to desktop computers via LAN. For all you kids out there, it wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to print a document from your computer you […]