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Uncategorized Posted Jul 23, 2013 by Kayla Krause

Food, Drinks, and a Whole Lot of Business

Some look at it as a chore, others call it “work,” and some say it’s fun! What is this thing that people have many different perceptions on? Networking. Being in the public relations industry, networking is probably one of the keys, if not the key to the business. Here are a few benefits to networking […]

Uncategorized Posted Jul 8, 2013 by Kayla Krause

It’s OK! We still have the Red Sox

“Sweet Caroline, ba ba baaaa. Good times never seem so good…” Just listen to the Red Sox’s song, I mean it’s played at every home game in the middle of the eighth inning. But seriously, times will get better, and then it’ll be “So good! So good! So good!” I know, it’s been a rough […]

Uncategorized Posted Jun 14, 2013 by Kayla Krause

Devil’s Advocate with PII: Do You Have Any Privacy?

All of this news about the National Security Agency (NSA)’s PRISM system has got me thinking. What rights do we have to our Personally Identifiable Information (PII)? Has the internet completely eliminated our privacy? Or does it really matter if this information is left out over public wires? Let’s play devil’s advocate for a minute […]

Uncategorized Posted May 17, 2013 by Kayla Krause

‘Cause Boston You’re My Home…and Work Home!

Even after almost a month, this whole walking to work thing definitely isn’t getting old. At the beginning of May CHEN moved its office to Boston, and I don’t mean Cambridge or Quincy like some people say when they “work in Boston.”  As Chris stated in his last blog about the move, we’re in “Downtown” […]

Uncategorized Posted Apr 23, 2013 by Kayla Krause

Social Media Effects of #Bostonstrong

Given the events of last week, it’s safe to say that not only Boston, MA and New England were affected by the marathon bombings, but the entire nation seemed to be overtaken by this sequence of events. I live in Boston but was not in the area at the time of the event – I […]