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Social Media Posted Apr 17, 2009 by Kevin Kosh

A Rant – in 30 min or less

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben’s words ring loudly in my ears today as I watch the video of a Domino’s executive reading a statement about how horrified the company is about the “prank” committed by two idiots and the tweets heard round the business world.  The New York Times reported brand damage…I […]

Uncategorized Posted Mar 11, 2009 by Kevin Kosh

Always Look On the Bright Side of Innovation…

With all due apologies and credit to Monty Python, last night’s WebInno conference had me whistling that infectious tune from the end of Life of Brian – and for good reason.  In the shadow of life seeming “jolly rotten, there’s something [we’ve] forgotten,” and that’s innovation is what drives us in both good times and […]

Social Media Posted Jan 27, 2009 by Kevin Kosh

Social Media PR: Market Innovation or Market Correction?

I’ve been meaning to put this question and associated thoughts to a screen for some time now, but something always seems to take precedence.  As I read the Twitter streams and blogs of PR, press and other experts about what works, what doesn’t and what is the essence of social media, I can’t help but […]

Uncategorized Posted Sep 12, 2008 by Kevin Kosh

WebInno19 – September 15 – Give Back, Get Back

It’s that time of the year again. Time for the Web Innovators Group to light up Cambridge with local innovation. Same Dark Knight time (doors open 6:30 p.m., presos start at 7:00 p.m.) and same Dark Knight location (Royal Sonesta, Cambridge). As always there will be a great lineup of main and side dishes. The […]

Uncategorized Posted Aug 27, 2008 by Kevin Kosh

From eBay to the Moon – they walk among us

Aliens? No. Lazy people – and not me on a football Sunday (Warning to my wife: 9/7 opens the regular season). Ok, maybe lazy is too harsh based on how hard we all work, but the reality is that people continue to overlook the basic steps to keep data secure. And with nearly 200M personal […]

Uncategorized Posted Jul 31, 2008 by Kevin Kosh

On the case of data transparency…or is it in the casing?

I wanted to just highlight some interesting discussions of late around user data, advertising and transparency. First is a great article last week with Om Malik’s take on FaceBook Connect and then Saul Hansell yesterday on Google’s blog around the customization of search results. As I think Saul points out well, transparency is a good […]

Uncategorized Posted May 29, 2008 by Kevin Kosh

Dr. Jones is in…and he’s got the ideal cure for the daily grind

The CHEN team took a much needed break on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, cutting out early to see the premiere of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – bright and early at the 11am performance. It afforded us the opportunity to kick off what we refer to as our “Summer […]

Uncategorized Posted Feb 8, 2008 by Kevin Kosh

It’s the most viral time of the year…

Fresh off of back-to-back business trips and in the midst of a good ol New England flu season…I couldn’t be having more fun! What’s that you say as you sniffle and cough, have viruses eaten (what’s left of) his brain? Sure, my wife, kids and I have all fought the viral beast in the past […]

Uncategorized Posted Dec 19, 2007 by Kevin Kosh

Say it Ain’t Ho, Ho, Ho

Hi, I’m Kevin Kosh. To quote the immortal Troy McClure, “you may remember me from such security blog entries as “How Does Safe Happen and When you say (data leakage) it makes me feel (choose one: scared, angry…confused.)” Well today I have the unfortunate task of reporting how even the greatest can become a victim […]

Uncategorized Posted Dec 12, 2007 by Kevin Kosh

How Does Safe Happen?

“Holy Sh…Safe Happens” Many of you may recognize that as the last words in a memorable Volkswagen commercial campaign where viewers are treated to lighthearted banter, interrupted by a violent side impact crash. Beyond that campaign from last year, it’s actually a plot device that seems to be used more and more frequently on TV […]