The Best Late Night at the Office Ever—Good People & Clean Wine

Events, Uncategorized Posted Nov 9, 2018 by Jennifer Torode

In October, CHEN PR invited our friend and freelance journalist Kacy Zurkus to do a wine tasting at our office in Boston as she’s also a consultant for an up and coming wine company called Scout & Cellar that works with select vineyards offering clean-crafted wines, which essentially means as natural as possible. Last year when I heard that Kacy was selling wine, I placed an order immediately without even trying any wines. Talk about trust! As time flies, a year later, I invited her to come in to educate the CHEN PR crew and a few of our close friends for a sip and learn and she graciously accepted.


One Thursday night after work with the anticipation of Kacy’s arrival, to set the mood, we shut off the bright overhead office lights, turned on our Edison desk lamps, and played a mix of smooth jazz and Halloween songs—fitting against a backdrop of Halloween and autumn décor, a table strung with snacks and the city’s lights flickering in the distance.

Being a huge red wine fan since my mid-twenties, I knew that wines in the U.S. are typically infused with preservatives but when Kacy shared the hard to swallow fact that many mass-produced wines use more than 300 chemicals, some having as much sugar in a bottle as a glazed donut, I was like WHAT? Minus purple teeth and a mild headache the next day after indulging, I didn’t really pay much attention to wine ingredients but after sampling a mix of clean, delicious wines from reds to whites, and hearing the negatives about many of the wines I had been consuming all these years, I decided to turn a negative into a positive by placing another order—this time a bigger order so it’d last me. How’s that for being pro-active!

We learned, we laughed, and we stayed a little later than we had anticipated but that’s the beauty of being with good people and drinking clean wine!

Kacy juggles a lot in her daily life as a mother of two active little girls, a freelance journalist, a yoga instructor, a wine consultant, etc., so we were thrilled that she took the time to share her passion for wine with us. Your homework assignment is to check out Scout & Cellar. If you have any questions or if you’re in the Boston area and would like to host a wine tasting, I highly recommend reaching out to Kacy here. You won’t be disappointed!