Black Hat Strikes Again

Cyber Security, Events, Public Relations Posted Aug 12, 2014 by Kayla Krause

In my previous blog, Debunking the Myth of the Summer Slowdown, I argued that there really are no lazy days of summer– especially here at CHEN PR. To punctuate that thesis I’ll add two words: Black Hat!

With our extensive background of more than 17 years in technology public relations combined with our strong focus on and expertise in information security, CHEN PR works hand-in-hand with its clients year ‘round, but never more closely than during the industry’s two biggest trade events. Back in February CHEN PR Partner Kevin Kosh reported from the first of those shows while at RSA Conference, and now we just wrapped up Black Hat.

As these events approach we hope in vain for smooth-sailing. Instead we endure busy days filled with strategy sessions, regular check-ins, briefing docs, media pitching, long hours of pre-briefings, demo scheduling, interview coordination, confirmations, last minute changes, press release writing (and re-writing), conference guides specific to each client, internal touch-base meetings, follow-up emails and calls, client calls and text messages confirming interview locations, last minute cancellations and follow-ups post conference. It’s hard work, but the results are absolutely outstanding and completely worthwhile.

Starting at the end of May right up until this very moment the office of CHEN PR has been a whirlwind of Black Hat discussions, schedules, briefings and a whole lot more! Ten of our clients attended, four of which presented new research for which we scheduled more than 30 meetings. And these were just the meetings happening at Black Hat. Prior to the conference, many of our clients were preoccupied with press releases (six) and research pre-briefings (14).

Adding to the pre-event conflagration was the creation of nearly 50 briefing sheets. I’d tell you the number of hours we collectively spent doing all of this, but you might not believe me. It was hectic, with people running from room to room to gather for internal meetings or connect to conference calls. And in my case, all this was happening in the middle of re-doing the CHEN PR website (with its own logistical challenges scheduling photographers and videographers and writers and site designers). Stay tuned for more news on that front!

When Black Hat finally arrived we said good-bye (and good luck!) to Kevin as he left for Vegas and the belly of the beast. Although we did miss him, we sent a few pictures to keep him from getting too homesick.

Kev office invasion 1Kevs office invasion 2

And now it’s all over but the counting. To date our clients presenting research and speaking at Black Hat have amassed dozens of articles of primary coverage, including features and mentions in top business publications like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and trade press such as Dark Reading, HelpNetSecurity, and CSO Online. In addition there were re-posts, blog mentions and tons of link love on social media.

As we’ve been revamping the CHEN PR website, we’ve been asked to talk a lot about the company and it has made me realize what an incredible place CHEN PR is. It’s not every day you can come to work and be so positive and genuinely happy to be at work and doing something you enjoy. That being said, the entire CHEN PR crew needs a huge pat on the back and high-five for nailing Black Hat.

And RSA is just around the corner!