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Uncategorized Posted Dec 2, 2004

Stunt Marketing — Over Easy

My husband has gotten me into the habit of reading The Boston Globe obits. A November 17th obit for Sandy Giampapa, “Idea Man at Noted Publicity Firm,” caught my eye. It outlined the well-lived life of a principal at Boston-based Publicity, Inc., where Giampapa had had the same business partner for 58 years and worked […]

Uncategorized Posted Nov 23, 2004

Exclusives and Embargoes and Onlines – Oh My!

Exclusives are simply “a euphemism for a story I don’t want to write….Don’t try to dress up a piece of non-news as an exclusive,” advised Paul Roberts, an IDG News Service correspondent, when asked recently for his perspective on this common tactic. Paul Gillin, editor in chief for TechTarget, was a tad more direct: “In […]

Uncategorized Posted Nov 14, 2004

Another Firefox Zealot!

So rarely does anything in tech these days warrant the term “phenomenon,” but Firefox surely does. CHENer Kevin Kosh has been raving glassy-eyed about Firefox for quite some time now and I finally decided last week to see what all the fuss was about. And now I know. I haven’t been so in love with […]

Uncategorized Posted Nov 12, 2004

Software: Days of Double-Digit Growth are Dust

While we are still basking in the afterglow from the recent jaw-dropping, record-breaking, toe-curling World Series win for our beloved Red Sox, news reports seem determined to burst our balloon with a gloomy outlook for tech. First, it was a tad depressing last week when IDC’s Tony Picardi reported that “the double-digit growth rates experienced […]

Uncategorized Posted Oct 22, 2004

George Conrades, Akamai Kahuna on Computing Trends

Earlier this week, we attended a session presented by George Conrades, CEO of Akamai Technologies, part of the “Leadership Speaks” series sponsored by the Mass Software Council. Simply put, Akamai has servers around the Web that load balance traffic so that websites get better performance. (Sorry George, if that’s too simple.) The company routinely handles […]