Bob Zurek’s Hot Holiday Gifts

Uncategorized Posted Dec 17, 2007 by metropolis

Dear last-minute shoppers (you know who you are):

Bob Zurek (currently VP and CTO at EnterpriseDB but still blogging at IBM developerWorks) posted his annual hot holiday gift list a few weeks ago, and I keep meaning to flag it. The list always has good gift geek goodies.

Here are some items that caught my eye; blame me for these descriptions, not Bob:

HYmini – A “hybrid green mini power station,” pictured above. It’s a universal charger that uses either wind power or solar power to get your PDA, mobile phone, iPod, etc. all charged up.

AT&T USBConnect 881 – (Can those AT&T folks name products or what? This description is from Bob, because it’s better than the AT&T copy.) A USB device that gives you 3G HSPA support. What’s HSPA? High Speed Packet Access or simply lightning fast over the air upload and download speeds.

Custom Tailgating Trailor (for our Patriots fans at the office) – In the truly outrageous vehicle department, you can buy a trailor that’s tricked out just for tailgating. The standard model includes a 26″ LCD TV (watch the pre-game show!), complete draft beer system, CD/DVD player, 1000 watt generator, 10 gallon fresh water system, 5 gallon holding tank and lots more. No price on the site for this bad boy.

Temperature Controlled Faucet Light – For only $19.95, you can gift a gadget that changes the color of the water – red for hot water, blue for cold.

Where does he find this stuff! See Bob’s blog for more interesting suggestions.

Happy holidays to geeks and non-geeks alike.