Boston-Power Launch was Electric!

Uncategorized Posted Feb 5, 2007 by metropolis

Since I’m not on the Boston-Power team, I can brag without inhibition about the terrific job the team did with the launch of the company last week at Demo. The company unveiled its next-generation lithium-ion battery platform at the exclusive event, which always attracts the tech glitterati.

It was a great honor for Boston-Power just to be selected to present at DEMO 07 and we’ve already bragged about that here. But the week was capped off by the announcement that Boston-Power CEO Christina Lampe-Onnerud has been honored with the prestigious DEMOgod™ award by the conference organizers. (This has sparked lively internal discussions about whether she is more properly a DEMOgoddess, but we’ve decided we’re too happy with the award to tinker with a trademarked term.)

The DEMOgod™ distinction was bestowed on only 10 out of 68 DEMO 07 presenters to recognize “…their ability to clearly articulate the significance of their debuting technologies despite the pressures of a jaded audience, a make-or-break level of expectation, and a glowing red six-minute count down clock.”

Dr. Lampe Onnerud presented on-stage last Thursday with HP Distinguished Technologist Dr. John Wozniak.

My hat is off to the team, which generated coveraged in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Red Herring, Gizmodo, Engadget, CNET, PC Magazine, and countless other pubs. You can see it all here.