Boston PRoud

Uncategorized Posted Jun 3, 2013 by chenpr

Last Wednesday, my co-workers and I attended Boston PRoud, a fundraising event hosted by the Greater Boston PR community.  In light of the recent Boston Marathon bombings, the PR community decided to play its part in aiding the fundraising effort.  By the end of the night, through a combination of co-host and sponsor donations, ticket sales, and a raffle consisting of some great donated prizes, the event was able to raise approximately $65,000, all donated to The One Fund Boston.Boston PRoud

The PR community came out in full support for the event, the overwhelming turnout forcing the event coordinators to expand the event to three locations.  Originally set at the Back Bay Social Club, the event added Lir and Dillon’s as locations, assigning each agency a specific venue for the night.  CHEN PR, stationed at Dillon’s, enjoyed some great food and drink with friends and co-workers.  One CHENer was lucky enough to win a Windows Phone in the raffle, just one of the numerous great prizes donated by event participants (The CHEN team donated a pair of Fenway Park bleacher seats). 

Looking back on the event and noting the great time had by all, it’s important to remember why the event needed to be held.  I’m sure other attendees would agree in saying that it was a great way to help those in need, and are as happy as I am that every dollar raised went directly to The One Fund Boston.  In summary, CHEN PRoud!