Buzz, Blogging, Ethics and Schwag

Uncategorized Posted Feb 20, 2005 by metropolis

What would we do without Steve Rubel’s daily Bloglet email keeping us up-to-the minute on the latest issues? His blog alerted us to this great article on ethics and blogging, from the Online Journalism Review out of the Annenberg School at USC. Excerpt:

Cyberspace and the blogosphere add new wrinkles to the debate. Just how far can marketers go in soliciting blog coverage of their products or services? Does the practice of paying bloggers to blog about a product amount to an advertorial, embedded infomercial or product placement – and does such an arrangement violate the compact of trust between reader and writer? Or is it simply the next logical step in the blogosphere’s evolution from hobby to business opportunity? Do different rules apply to journalists who blog?