April 15th – commonly known as Tax Day, took on a whole new meaning for our city this year. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh declared that April 15, the date of the Boston Marathon bombing, is now known as “One Boston Day.” The tragedy that hit Boston two years ago will forever be remembered, but it is through One Boston Day that our city will serve as a beacon of hope and strength for the rest of the world.

Created to honor the kindness, power and confidence the city embodied in the wake of the Marathon Bombing, One Boston Day has meaning for everyone. Hundreds, thousands of people were affected on April 15, 2013 whether near or far from the scene of the attack. Rather than stagger in the pain, it’s the way in which we rallied together, united as a community, and did whatever it took to make things better that Boston will remember each year on that day.

That’s one of the best things about Boston; we put 110% into pretty much anything and everything we do. Ask any New England sports fan: whether it’s a regular season game or a playoff series we are diehard. There’s not a lot of bandwagon riding here… it’s all or nothing. We are loyal, we are strong, and we are united.

The Boston Marathon was—and is—a day that our great city looks forward to. It is a day of pride and perseverance, a family day, and Red Sox game day at Fenway! This year won’t be any different. The city is already packed with runners preparing for their 26.2-mile route; families are ready to cheer on their loved ones and visitors are exploring the area waiting for the starter’s gun. It’s an exciting time and a great time for Boston.

From this point on, One Boston Day will be a day of remembrance, a day to contribute, give back, and offer kindness to others. In that spirit, I want to wish all of the marathoners good luck out there on Monday. Be strong.

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