Cadenza Innovation

Fueling the Energy Storage Revolution – Reinventing the Lithium-ion Battery


Global demand for lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries is smashing all records due to the tremendous growth of electric vehicles (EVs) and grid storage systems. This dynamic is fueling the need to rethink – and redesign – battery packs and architectures. Doing so is the only way the industry can achieve key requirements such as low cost, high safety and high-energy density – variables that are often considered mutually exclusive.


Having partnered with Cadenza Innovation Founder Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud to gain visibility and momentum for her first battery technology startup, Boston-Power, more than a decade ago, the award-winning energy storage expert tapped CHEN PR to guide the roll-out of her new company. Emphasizing the founding team’s track record and field-proven expertise, CHEN PR has driven global coverage for the first/best/only nature of Cadenza Innovation’s patented battery architecture. Articles consistently describe how this design platform delivers safer, more energy dense and lower cost batteries – while underscoring the benefits of the company’s licensing model. Since exiting stealth mode in mid-2016, CHEN PR has secured 50+ pieces of coverage for Cadenza Innovation, highlighting the company’s secured funding, recently-issued patent and international partnership with global graphite supplier Syrah Resources.


“The cleantech economy is buzzing with noise. Cadenza Innovation isn’t interested in just making noise. We’re looking to highlight our innovation and field-proven successes in ways that can fundamentally help advance the battery industry. CHEN PR’s working with us to establish our brand and gain momentum.”
-Christina Lampe-Onnerud (Client for 10+ years)