Cutting through the air gap: Clarifying the cyber threat to critical infrastructure security


Despite significant advances in IT security, the operational technology (OT) networks that run critical infrastructure remain extremely vulnerable. Systematic risks in industrial control systems (ICS) can be exploited by rouge actors and nation-states alike. ICS networks can’t be secured using traditional IT tools or strategies. A different approach, new technology and coordination between the OT and IT teams is required.


The second company launched from Israel’s famed Team8 foundry, Claroty exited stealth mode in late 2016 with $32 million in funding. CHEN PR leveraged Claroty’s elite management team – with deep technical expertise from both IT and OT disciplines – to build relationships and credibility with key reporters seeking to understand the threat to critical infrastructure. These interactions soon proved significant, as ransomware disrupted businesses around the Globe for the first time, bringing manufacturing and shipping to a halt. Claroty cut through the noise of FUD-spreading headlines to define clear steps to improve critical infrastructure and ICS network security.


With CHEN’s help, we've established a strong voice, built a brand for our company and founder, and developed relationships with major news outlets. That’s enabling us to seize every opportunity to share why what we do – securing critical infrastructure – is so important.