Driving a New Market Category in Cyber Risk Management


RiskLens built the first platform to accelerate deployment of the de facto industry standard for cyber risk quantification, (CRQ). Called the Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) model, it’s a standard authored and established by RiskLens’ co-founders.

Breaking through an increasingly noisy, crowded risk management market, CHEN PR and RiskLens are driving industry discussion beyond muddled conversations around “high-medium-low” and “red-yellow-green” qualitative analyses. Doing so is fueling recognition that RiskLens provides the only tool for translating those issues into a real business conversation by enabling organizations to quantify cyber risk in financial terms.


Broadening visibility for the RiskLens and FAIR brands has prompted a substantial increase in earned media across industry-focused verticals such as healthcare and financial services along with top tier business outlets. The proactive campaign has even prompted industry influencers like Gartner to advise organizations that CRQ is a “must-do”.

Newsjacking stories on mega breaches, such as CapitalOne, and pitching trend pieces about how government bodies, such as the Department of Energy, are factoring risk assessments into budget decisions remain cornerstones to the communications strategy.