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Entrepreneurs Posted Oct 15, 2007 by metropolis

MITEF: Robots Rove ‘Round Homes, Battlefields

“Engineers make the suckiest user interfaces ever, they really do.” Dr. Rod Brooks, CTO and cofounder, iRobot and Panasonic Professor of Robotics at MIT That was my favorite quote of the evening from the brilliant and entertaining Dr. Rod Brooks, CTO and co-founder of iRobot and long-time director of the MIT Computer Science and Artificial […]

Entrepreneurs Posted Sep 23, 2007 by metropolis

Announcing…Power, Drugs & Money

No, this is not the name of our annual Red Cross fundraiser. (But now that you mention it, pencil it in for December 4th at the Doubletree Waltham.) And it’s not the name for our non-tech practice group, although it’s pretty apt. It’s the moniker for the Cambridge MIT Enterprise Forum‘s annual winter Innovation Summit, […]

Entrepreneurs Posted Sep 11, 2007 by metropolis

Web Innovators Group Rocks the Royal Sonesta

Remember those college ride boards? Senior driving to Ocean City, NJ this weekend, leaving Friday night at 5:30 p.m. returning Sunday around 4 p.m. Looking for 3 riders. No smokers. Little did we know we were reducing our carbon footprints. We were just broke and a ride was a ride. GoLoco is the Facebook-fueled equivalent. […]

Entrepreneurs Posted Aug 30, 2007 by metropolis

When Journalists Speak, Startups Should Listen

There really does seem to be a trend for startups to make it nearly impossible to find out their location or the contact info for any real, live human who works there. I get the whole issue that some startups may be in stealth mode, or that perhaps they’re virtual and don’t have a physical […]

Entrepreneurs Posted Aug 27, 2007 by metropolis

Mass. Sports Good Showing in Inc. 500

Last week’s Globe reported that Massachusetts can brag about a good showing in the Inc. 500, which is really the Inc. 5000 this year. (For the first time, the publication has expanded its list to a whopping 5000.) The print edition hits the street this week. Of the top 500, 24 of the companies are […]

Entrepreneurs Posted Jun 27, 2007 by metropolis

Everything I Always Wanted My Clients to Know About PR…

but never got around to putting on paper. Geri Denterlein has done it for me. Geri, the founder of Denterlein Worldwide, a public affairs firm, has written an article for Inc. Magazine in the form of a letter to clients – past, present and future. Here’s the opener from the staff at Inc.: Of all […]

Company Culture, Entrepreneurs Posted Jun 15, 2007 by metropolis

How to Build a Great Company, from the Experts

Especially with tech companies, you’ve got to remember the importance of thinking in terms of consumers (using that term broadly) and how they will be using your product. You can’t just fall in love with what you’re building for its own sake. That was George Bell’s lead lesson at the recent MIT Enterprise Forum session […]