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High Technology, Innovation, Opinions Posted Oct 21, 2015 by chenpr

Today’s Technology is Awesome… Really!

In 1945, shortly after the end of World War II, America’s Atomic Age turned science fiction into science fact, spurring innovation and imagination at a grand scale. It was the era of Telstar and tailfins, when anything seemed possible—including flying cars. But rather than fill the skies, flying cars became a symbol of technology’s unfulfilled […]

Entrepreneurs, High Technology, Public Relations Posted Aug 6, 2015 by Kayla Krause

Future cast: Mark Twain started it!

Future cast or future casting – these phrases may be new or familiar to you. Having just come across this term recently, I became intrigued. I was browsing through a sci-fi article, not usually my type of reading, but the headline caught my eye, “6 Eerily Specific Inventions Predicted in Science Fiction.” One of the […]

Company Culture, Entrepreneurs, Events, High Technology, Public Relations Posted Jul 13, 2015 by Kayla Krause

Summer Feels

It always seems that summer comes and goes so fast. We just celebrated our nation’s birthday and before you know it we’ll be topping the summer season off with Labor Day cookouts and barbeques. Those beach days, work parties and city networking events make the summer days fly by, but we’ve got to take advantage […]

High Technology, Opinions, Uncategorized Posted Jun 5, 2015 by Liza Vilnits

Why Disney Pushed me Over the Edge

With last Sunday being gloomy, cold and wet, the day presented itself as a perfect excuse to hit the movie theater. After checking out three or four trailers, my boyfriend and I settled on Disney’s “Tomorrowland” as it looked to be action-packed and futuristic. When the previews started and we realized we were the only […]

High Technology, Opinions, Social Media Posted May 19, 2015 by Kayla Krause

Smartphones: Arch-Nemesis or Best Friend?

The smartphone is both the best and the worst invention. Ever. Because of smartphones, we can be in touch with someone within moments—whether it’s a text, a call, a tweet, or Skype. Smartphones make it easy to connect with family and friends from across town or across the globe. With your trusty smartphone you can […]

High Technology, Innovation, Opinions Posted Apr 1, 2015 by chenpr

Radio Shack, STEM and Closed Doors

There used to be a Radio Shack a few doors down from CHEN PR World Headquarters. It’s among the many that have been shuttered since the venerable tech brand’s collapse. The closing at 95 Summer Street came and went without much fanfare, but the demise of the Radio Shack brand has caused me to consider […]

Cyber Security, High Technology, Public Relations Posted Mar 30, 2015 by chenpr

The New March Madness

For many people March is all about brackets, upsets and staying up late watching college hoops. The CHEN gang is certainly clocking as much NCAA Tourney viewing time as we can; but basketball aside, March Madness has taken on a new meaning here at 71 Summer. Every February since forever, RSA Conference has taken place […]

Cyber Security, High Technology Posted Nov 7, 2014 by

The Ease of Insecurity

“By checking this box I agree to accept the terms and conditions that I have not read.” I’m not sure if I’m a product of my generation or just a product of bad habits that won’t break, but I cannot remember the last time a read a single word of the terms of use or […]

Cyber Security, High Technology Posted Oct 20, 2014 by chenpr

An Information Security Nerd in Paradise

I am something of an information security and data privacy nerd (which puts me in very good company here at CHEN PR) and I enjoy attending (and participating in) conferences and seminars where those issues are the focus. Fortunately, being based in Boston there’s no lack of such events that are a short walk or […]

Cyber Security, High Technology, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Sep 10, 2014 by Kayla Krause

Hack you very much

No doubt you heard about the leak affecting Apple’s photo backup service iCloud, resulting in the release of nude photos of notable celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Lea Michele, and Kate Upton. There have been countless stories of whether or not this is considered a sex crime, how safe the cloud really is and accusations made […]