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Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Jul 30, 2015 by Liza Vilnits

A Look Behind the Screen: Humanizing Your Brand’s Instagram Account

Ever since my CHEN colleague Shannon wrote a blog a few weeks back about HR managers using Instagram for recruiting, I’ve been seeing Instagram everywhere. It’s definitely a hot topic—and a place where your business should want to be, as Shannon argues. Not only has Instagram become a corporate recruiting tool, it has also become […]

Company Culture, Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Jul 16, 2015 by chenpr

Instagram Adds a New Filter: Brand Share

Although HR is a topic a bit outside of my comfort zone, one interest I do have in common with HR managers is using social media platforms to reach a target audience. You read that correctly; HR managers are finding innovative new ways of communicating through Instagram. CareerHMO.com founder and CEO J.T. O’Donnell recently shared […]

High Technology, Opinions, Social Media Posted May 19, 2015 by Kayla Krause

Smartphones: Arch-Nemesis or Best Friend?

The smartphone is both the best and the worst invention. Ever. Because of smartphones, we can be in touch with someone within moments—whether it’s a text, a call, a tweet, or Skype. Smartphones make it easy to connect with family and friends from across town or across the globe. With your trusty smartphone you can […]

Company Culture, Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Dec 15, 2014 by chenpr

December’s Tip Sheet

‘Tis the Season for giving, and here’s my December public relations and professional networking tip sheet for you. This month features a mix of advice from Malcolm Gladwell via Inc. Magazine, the august (digital) pages of Atlantic Monthly and nerd journal Wired. Hope you find it interesting and worthwhile. Feed free to pass along any […]

Company Culture, Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Nov 20, 2014 by chenpr

November’s Tip Sheet

Business success doesn’t happen accidentally. It takes work and time and a lot of glad-handing. Circulating and networking within the innovation community is not an option. That’s especially true in a profession like public relations where meeting people and building a personal rapport is critical to so many aspects of what we do. And it’s […]

Public Relations, Social Media Posted Oct 31, 2014 by chenpr

Back to School – Twitter Style

Those of you who know me may also know that my kids – Devon, Emma and Ben – are all Northeastern Huskies. They’re working hard in their second years, getting educated to follow their respective and different career paths. My wife, Michelle, works at NU, too. From a satellite office in Dedham, she and her […]

Opinions, Social Media Posted Oct 30, 2014 by Kayla Krause

Humans of New York

This past weekend I bought a book called Humans of New York. Some of you may be familiar with the concept and blog started by a photographer named Brandon Stanton. I had heard of it and seen posts on social media but had never really looked into what the blog was all about. So there […]

Cyber Security, High Technology, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Sep 10, 2014 by Kayla Krause

Hack you very much

No doubt you heard about the leak affecting Apple’s photo backup service iCloud, resulting in the release of nude photos of notable celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Lea Michele, and Kate Upton. There have been countless stories of whether or not this is considered a sex crime, how safe the cloud really is and accusations made […]

Public Relations, Social Media Posted Aug 6, 2014 by chenpr

Tuning in to Social Channels

In the world of professional communications, social media is an easy thing to overlook. At least it is to those of us with a bit more gray in our hair than we’re willing to admit. After all, we cut our teeth in this industry by rapping on the keys of an IBM Selectric, organizing envelop-stuffing […]

Public Relations, Social Media Posted May 16, 2014 by chenpr

Owel Shot!

I ride the MBTA Commuter Rail to North Station most days for work. I love riding on trains, but I have to admit that the view from my window isn’t always pretty. Prime real estate almost never abuts the railroad line, so the view often includes abandoned shopping carts, rusted cars and car parts, piles […]