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Social Media Posted Jan 18, 2013 by Kevin Kosh

Act like you’ve been there before…but for God’s sake think before you Check In.

As we come up on the Football Conference Championships, a host of stories around how we are viewed, tracked, identified, profiled and targeted, are hard to ignore.  It makes me think about how we conduct ourselves and how our relationships with our devices and online lives are scrutinized and preserved – and it brings me […]

Social Media, Uncategorized Posted Aug 30, 2012 by Kevin Kosh

PR Advice: Be the Story Danny…

PR people get a lot of “advice.” I put that in quotes because a lot of times the “advice” not that helpful. Some advice is a directive, disguised as a question or a suggestion. “We should be in [publication] and I think they want to talk about [product.]” Some advice stops short of being truly […]

Social Media Posted May 16, 2010 by metropolis

DMScott Says: “Lose Control of Your Marketing!”

David Meerman Scott kicked off his session at the Simmons Leadership Conference on April 30 with a story from his wildly popular e-book, The New Rules of Viral Marketing. When Cindy Gordon, VP of new media and marketing partnerships at Universal Orlando Resorts launched the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” attraction, she didn’t spend millions […]

Social Media Posted Aug 3, 2009 by metropolis

To Tweet Or Not To Tweet?

I am admittedly a little slow when it comes to social media. I only recently jumped aboard the Twitter bandwagon, I switched from MySpace to Facebook a lot later than I should have, and I don’t have a personal blog or web site. But once I got onboard the social media train, I was hooked. […]

Social Media Posted Apr 17, 2009 by Kevin Kosh

A Rant – in 30 min or less

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Uncle Ben’s words ring loudly in my ears today as I watch the video of a Domino’s executive reading a statement about how horrified the company is about the “prank” committed by two idiots and the tweets heard round the business world.  The New York Times reported brand damage…I […]

Social Media Posted Jan 27, 2009 by Kevin Kosh

Social Media PR: Market Innovation or Market Correction?

I’ve been meaning to put this question and associated thoughts to a screen for some time now, but something always seems to take precedence.  As I read the Twitter streams and blogs of PR, press and other experts about what works, what doesn’t and what is the essence of social media, I can’t help but […]