Charting the Challenging Seas While Cranking Out Client Coverage – Part 2

Cyber Security, High Technology, Public Relations, Technology Posted Aug 18, 2020 by Shannon Kelley

While the challenges these days are not loosening their grip, CHEN PR finds the importance in appreciating other things surrounding us. Last week, we talked about our appreciation for the great news coverage our clients have received. Since that felt so good, we’re extending that gratitude!

Coverage encompassed global and national reopening plans amidst the Coronavirus, addressing such issues as the key role AI is playing in touchless security screening for entrances at outdoor entertainment venues to the security concerns surrounding contact tracing. With the world continuing its transformation away from fossil fuels, interviews also dug into the role that batteries and energy storage play in combatting climate change and fostering a more sustainable world.

Thanks to our clients for sharing their insights and to the wide range of media outlets that bring these stories to life!


S&P Global Platts, Market Insights Podcast, Battery technology to play an important part of broader energy transition

Batteries and energy storage are driving advancements in electric vehicles, the utility grid, commercial and industrial applications and other end markets. On this segment, Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, the founder and CEO of Cadenza Innovation, discussed understanding cost trends and competitiveness of these types of technologies, along with the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead for alternative storage technologies. With renewable energy the path forward rather than fossil fuels, Christina discusses what these technologies comprise, how they will perform, and the new business models they’ll enable.

World Economic Forum, 8 steps towards a sustainable economic recovery

The energy transition goes hand in hand with the requirement for lower carbon energy sources, with experts agreeing on the need to accelerate that shift to make faster, more significant strides in combatting global warming.  As chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council of Energy Technology, Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud joined other internationally recognized authorities from the Forum community to share eight recommendations that should be implemented immediately to help lead the way toward a clean energy future for all!

Good Morning America, Six Flags reveals reopening plans for theme park

On March 13, Six Flags – the world’s largest regional theme park company and the largest operator of waterparks in North America – closed all its theme parks as a safety precaution due to COVID-19, though there had been no reports of the virus at its venues. Upon putting extensive new health and safety measures in place, Six Flags began the phased reopening of its properties in June. With Good Morning America in attendance, the with Frontier City, Oklahoma site was the first to welcome back guests. Key among the new safety measures at that park and others across the US is Evolv Technology’s AI-based, touchless security screening system, Evolv Express. Placed at park entrances, the smart, high throughput systems facilitates social distancing by preventing lines from forming and substantially reduces person-to-person interaction between security personnel, park guests and employees. Check out this GMA footage to see Evolv Express in action along with other highlights about the Six Flags reopening process .

Boston Business Journal, Here are three Mass. Companies that offer contactless tech

As the world starts to reopen into the pandemic-induced Next Normal, contactless technology has never been more important. Featured along with two other local companies, Evolv Technology developed Evolv Express that today allows hundreds of venues around the world  to use touchless screening technology. Replacing decades-old metal detectors with a state-of-the-art system based on AI and advanced sensors, Evolv’s systems improves the guest experience while optimizing safety and security.

The Manufacturing Connection, A Different Take on Industrial Cybersecurity

The Manufacturing Connection’s Gary Mintchell spoke with Rick Kaun, VP of Solutions at Verve Industrial Protection, about the company’s approach to industrial cybersecurity. Previously a SCADA and PLC integrator, Verve now maintains the only cyber risk management platform that operates at the endpoint level for OT/IT security. Mintchell outlines the benefits and unique features of the Verve Security Center platform, for IT/OT professionals seeking to make rapid, measurable improvements in security and reliability.

Control Engineering, Protecting worker safety, security after COVID-19 pandemic

As states begin to re-open and employees slowly return to work, companies are evaluating and implementing new strategies learned from the pandemic’s remote structure. Eric Byres, Chief Executive at aDolus and Senior Advisor at Verve Industrial, encourages organizations to embrace these improvements, highlighting the importance of maintaining a strong VPN, while thoroughly evaluating the security of the physical workspace. The article also features commentary from Verve’s Vice President of Solutions, Rick Kaun, who underscores the requirement for secure equipment.

ISS Source, Ripple20 and Industrial Control Systems

In this post shared by ISS Source, Verve’s Director of Cyber Security Insights Ron Brash discusses how vendors often pass by stack-based vulnerabilities when running quality assurance and systems integration processes. Hackers are then able to exploit the vulnerabilities and infect a network with malicious packets. Ripple20 is a collection of 19 vulnerabilities that affect a software implementation of a network stack developed by Treck Inc. Often a result of logic errors and careless memory management, the vulnerabilities can be integrated into an embedded solution as part of product’s firmware, or into a specific application for distribution. Ron proceeds to explain ways to manage and protect systems that are vulnerable to Ripple20.

CNET, Prepare for a ‘new national surveillance system’ in order to wipe out COVID-19

While contact tracing has been used by medical professionals for years to track the spread of diseases, this also leads to concerns about security and privacy. Since technology is a key tool when it comes to efficient contact tracing, Apple and Google recently teamed up to create an easy alternative for users. Virtru Co-founder and CEO John Ackerly spoke with CNET about these security risks, emphasizing that we can’t cure COVID-19 by giving up our privacy. It’s important that technology finds a way to give users control over the personal information they provide.

Healthcare IT News, Big data analytics in healthcare: Opportunities and obstacles

Virtru Executive Vice President for Platform, Rob McDonald, gave a talk at this year’s HIMSS20 virtual event, highlighting the importance of innovating with big data analytics while maintaining security and privacy. Essential to modern healthcare organizations, big data analytics is growing faster than any other vertical. Its applications benefit direct caregiving, cost-management-reduction research and other areas that respond to outbreaks, population health management and global epidemiological trends. Virtru sees an opportunity from this growing response, especially with COVID-19, because it is important to instill trust in users and make sure important information is kept private across all platforms.

Built in Washington D.C., 15 Software Companies In Washington, D.C. Powering The Nation

Virtru’s security system delivers end-to-end encryption which covers both emails and files for Gmail and Outlook users. There’s no doubt that software is one of the pillars in the technology world, affecting everything from how we work and travel to how we communicate. This past month, Virtru was named one of the top software companies located in Washington D.C. because of its dedication to helping organizations across the country with software tools that can maintain data security and integrate their data assets into business goals. Teaming with customers in education, healthcare, government and media, Virtru helps organizations secure important information to protect against potential hackers.