CHEN PR Shines with Boston for City Clean Up Day

Company Culture, Events Posted May 3, 2016 by chenpr

Boston Shines (2)_tcm3-43532You’ll never catch a CHENer saying they don’t go out into the world and live life to the fullest. Like many a PR pro, however, we’re sometimes guilty of getting our eyes glued to our screens. Working so closely with our clients and the media day-in and day-out it’s bound to happen. That’s why we make sure to reserve spots on our calendars to get out of the office and participate in different events, parties, fundraisers and other community events.

Being especially fond of our own Downtown Crossing ‘hood and having a close relationship with Downtown Boston BID, for the past three years CHEN has participated in Boston Shines, a city-wide volunteer event to wipe winter’s grime from the streets and public places in Boston through painting, cleaning, gardening and other activities. We joined up with participants from the Hyatt Regency Boston, The Ritz-Carlton Boston, The Merchant, FlyWire and the Boston Redevelopment Authority to help spiff up the neighborhood we call home.

DTX has come a long way since May 2013 when CHEN PR moved into our new Summer Street HQ. Since then we’ve welcomed businesses like Roche Bros, Pret a Manger and Primark (to the CHEN ladies it’s considered a daily staple) and other exciting companies who have also moved in to new office spaces in the burgebostonshinesoning hood such as Havas Worldwide, Bullhorn CRM and our new building-mates iBoss Cybersecurity. With the neighborhood giving so much to us in the way of shopping, dining, fun neighbors and exciting experiences, the least we could do is pitch in to keep our community (as the prolific OutKast have put it) so fresh and so clean.

It was a fun a morning to spend together as a team and our BID helper Ricky kept us laughing throughout. If you stop by the Cosi on Federal Street and happen to notice an especially clean and cigarette-butt free patio, give a nod to team Ricky (and dispose of your cigarette properly please); and when you see other Clean and Hospitality Ambassadors around DTX be sure to thank them for keeping our neighborhood in tip-top shape.

We look forward to participating in Boston Shines again next year. In the meantime, you can hang out with CHEN PR and play some cornhole during Downtown Boston BID Boston Calling Block Party Series, every Thursday starting May 12th in Dewey Square. Come and challenge the CHEN gang to a game. Loser buys the next round of Shock Top and Wicked Wines.