The CHEN PR Version of “Team Building”

Company Culture Posted Sep 20, 2017 by Liza Vilnits

As I’ve boasted before, one of my favorite things about CHEN PR is the company’s “work hard, play hard” attitude. The agency life – and especially when you’re dealing with a majority of cybersecurity clients – isn’t all fun and games. Last week, for example, the Equifax breach happened. And while you’d think it’d be easy to get a piece of that pie when every single writer is talking about “possibly the worst leak of personal information ever,” it’s actually the opposite. Hard work does pay off, though, as it did with our clients tCell and SafeBreach who scored coverage in USAToday.

But, where was I? Ah yes, when you work hard at CHEN PR, you’re often treated to some time away from pitching, briefings and news sweeps (and the thousand other things that make up a typical day). And so last Friday we closed up shop for a super-secret “off-site planning meeting,” which really meant a full day of being disconnected, spending time with one another (“team building,” if we’re using the technical term) and frolicking around the eclectic and vibrant community of Provincetown.


Having fun comes at a price, though, as it did with Friday’s wake up call. I set my alarm 45 minutes earlier just to make sure I didn’t miss the ferry! I know, tough life! 😉

The ferry departed at approximately 8:30 a.m. and by 8:37 a.m., our very own resident bartender Chris Carleton was already in his backpack taking out the ingredients he had packed for mimosas, bloody Mary’s (even the olives!) and Irish coffee! While we hadn’t expected anything less, you never fail to amaze us, Chris.

Ninety minutes later and we’re there! The morning was spent fishing, walking the jetty and beach and shopping – to each their own! And then, a fabulous lunch to regroup, take in some sunshine on the deck at Tin Pan Alley accompanied by fried and fresh seafood and freshly-made cocktails. The perfect recipe for happiness (at least in my eyes).

Nothing beats a day on the ocean with sun, friends and good eats and drinks to kick off the weekend and leave you feeling recharged. A day well spent and in good company. Thank you, CHEN PR, for being who you are and all that you do!

As my millennial companions would say: #blessed.