CHEN PR vs. Snowzilla

Company Culture, Opinions Posted Feb 6, 2015 by chenpr

It’s been a very snowy two weeks here in Boston and us CHENers are finally digging ourselves out of the several feet of snow we’ve been buried in since January 27th. Throw in a Patriots Super Bowl win and the complete breakdown of the MBTA and it’s been winter weather madness here in Boston. The Pats weren’t the only thing making history this week. Much like football, snow in New England is a game of inches:


Since joining CHEN this will be my second, “Look at all the snow we got!” photo blog. In 2013 it was Nemo, now in 2015 it’s another beloved movie character.


So without further ado, here’s some photographic representation of how the folks of 71 Summer St survived the storm from our respective residencies in and around Boston.

After the first foot or so of powder to fall in Stoughton, Kevin was able to clear out his driveway before his snow blower bit the dust. Causality number one of the Snowpocolypse.


Chris Carleton’s snovasion made it up to the second floor in Foxboro.


Up in Concord Debbie and Barb abandoned all hope of making it outside anytime soon.



And over in Townsend Mike was champ of both the shoveling world and PR world while we were buried under the Blizzunami and working from home for a few days.


And finally, just a few miles from a very quiet CHEN HQ, I enjoyed the perks of apartment living in Somerville and opted to enjoy Oliver’s fascination with all this snow.

I originally thought I would be writing this blog while blizzard recovery was in full swing but alas, another ten inches of the white stuff is on its merry way to the Northeast. We count ourselves lucky that our work and great relationships with our clients allow us to do a stellar job from our snowed-in homes, PJs and hot chocolate included!