CHENcast Debuts – New Podcasting Service

Uncategorized Posted May 19, 2006 by metropolis

This week, we announced a podcasting service to give clients another vehicle for delivering news and fostering thought leadership.

A few weeks ago, we blogged on an InfoWorld survey of 1253 IT professionals. Over a third had downloaded a podcast in the last month. The group rated podcasts as their second favorite IT information resource, with a rating of 4.96 (on a scale of 7). Podcasts were bested by IT publications, which rated 5.37, but beat out email newsletters and blogs.

To deliver our podcasting service, we teamed up with trusted colleague Dana Gardner. We sought Dana’s counsel for years during his stint as a Yankee analyst, and more recently, we’ve worked with him under the auspices of his own firm, Interarbor Solutions. Dana — well known for his ZDNet BriefingsDirect blog and as a member of the star-studded Gillmor Gang — has been at the vanguard of using RSS-driven communications to reach out to his clients’ constituents.

To crib from our own press release, Dana says it best:

“Interarbor Solutions has developed a fast and simple way for companies to use analyst-moderated podcasting as a viral element of their sales and marketing strategies. Podcasting and associated RSS campaigns allow organizations to attract and communicate directly with their core target audiences, on the listeners’ terms and at their mobile convenience. Company-sponsored podcasts are an ideal, cost-effective method of getting a sophisticated message out to prospects, customers, the media and the market at large with depth and credibility. Podcasts augment a company’s blogs, and aid in creating more taggable content for search engines to find and deliver to inquiring buyers.”

Stay tuned for more developments from us in this space.