Client Inspirations for Surviving the Dog Days of Summer with…Dogs!

Company Culture, Innovation, Public Relations Posted Jul 20, 2018 by Gabrielle Kondracki

As we head into the middle of summer with blazing heat, humidity, and the sticky smog of the city, it’s easy to feel drained, tired, or a little foggy.

With minds day-dreaming of fresh coastal air and BBQs on a beach it’s tough to stay focused in the daily sea of hustle and bustle.

CHEN’s office is in the heart of Boston’s Downtown Crossing, and that puts us in the perfect position to fall victim to this summertime ‘breach’. So, how do we stay on top of our game and keep things running properly?

Taking advice from SafeBreach, and its Hacker’s Playbook – which is geared to predict attacks before they happen, validate security controls and improve security operations center (SOC) analyst response – we provided a “hacker’s view” of our own office space. We looked for potential gaps that could cause that dreaded summertime slump. While the results weren’t plentiful, we found some areas that needed a little patching, updating and rebooting!

With motivation to stay ahead of hacks before they happen, we got right to work. Our first order of business was an office make-over!

After five years in our DTX abode, CHEN hadn’t yet added any new décor. Thinking back to the many tips given to us by our clients, like Duo Security, which always emphasizes updating devices, software, and firewalls to ensure that the best version of each is intact, of course it made sense that an office revamp topped our list.

Following the trusted leadership of CHEN’s home décor prodigy, Jennifer Torode (JT), a few CHENers banded together and got to work to make our much-loved space as updated and relevantly “feng shui’d” as it could be.

Following mountains of bubble wrap, breaking down boxes, moving, hanging, un-hanging, re-hanging, nailing, and tilting heads to make sure things weren’t crooked, our office had an entirely new vibe! With that change in office scenery, the CHEN team was up and running on its best version. We felt the difference.

With our gap patched, we thought we were in the clear…, until the heat struck again. This time, we weren’t as prepared. Evaluating how best to respond, for inspiration we turned to Flashpoint’s new Threat Response & Readiness subscription, which is designed to help organizations prepare and respond to ransomware and other types of cyber extortion incidents.

After contemplation on optimal approaches to getting our minds off the heat wave, we came to our conclusion—dogs! (Because who doesn’t love a furry companion cheering you on at work?)

Lucky for us, two of our CHENers, Kayla and Courtney, had pups to share.

Office pup veteran, Rocky, now joins us for “welcome back to work” Mondays, keeping our spirits high with his calm, cuddly and relaxing demeanor. And our newest office pup, Lou, joins us for “it’s almost the weekend” Fridays. He encourages us to keep moving forward with his spunky, curious, ball-of-energy presence! The office agrees—a perfect mix!

We also agree that we miss former CHEN PR pooch Benton – who now resides down south with our good pal and one-time-CHENer, Liza Vilnits. Thus, we’re planning a DTX Doggie Dive-in next time they’re both back in Boston. Tennis ball treats for the pups and some of Kev Kosh’s creative libations for the humans!

After updates and additions to the CHEN office space, we’re confident that we are optimizing our time and increasing our productivity.  Like Lakeside Software always says, it’s important to deliver a superior end-user experience and enable maximum productivity. Sure, they’re talking about measuring and managing IT success… but you get the idea!