Covert Propaganda

Uncategorized Posted Jan 7, 2005 by metropolis

Today’s Washington Post includes a chilling article. It details a story by Mike Morris that aired early last year on local TV news stations across the country about the dangers of drug abuse. The catch: “…Morris is not a journalist and his ‘report’ was produced by the government, actions that constituted illegal ‘covert propaganda,’ according to an investigation by the Government Accountability Office.”

It’s always a bit frightening to think about the number of government employees who must have been involved in this little venture. Didn’t someone (with warning bells blaring) ask his/her colleagues: “Isn’t this morally wrong? Isn’t this what they mean by the manipulation of the media?”

There’s comfort in the fact that checks and balances work, and the GAO stepped in. But it’s cold comfort. It doesn’t bring back our $155,000.

Thanks to Terri Molini at Sun for flagging this story earlier today.