December’s Tip Sheet

Company Culture, Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Public Relations, Social Media Posted Dec 15, 2014 by chenpr

‘Tis the Season for giving, and here’s my December public relations and professional networking tip sheet for you. This month features a mix of advice from Malcolm Gladwell via Inc. Magazine, the august (digital) pages of Atlantic Monthly and nerd journal Wired.

Hope you find it interesting and worthwhile. Feed free to pass along any resources you’ve found useful for navigating the treacherous waters of social interaction, whether in-person or online.


Io Saturnalia!

Networking Tips
Functioning in business as an introvert is a frequent theme for me. The headline of this Inc. article and video, (“The Secret to Building Self-Confidence”), featuring author Malcolm Gladwell caught my attention. The seven-minute video includes Gladwell discussing perception’s role in building—or destroying—confidence, and the other ways poor perception can undo individuals or organizations. Gladwell also talks about the advantages newcomers often have in solving problems or competing against incumbents. Indifference, ignorance and necessary resourcefulness can be powerful tools.

Public Relations Tactics
Is there any merit to burying bad news on a Friday afternoon? Not really, according to this article in The Atlantic… but the answer is more complicated than that. Intentionally scheduling news for a Friday afternoon can trigger a negative response since we’ve been programmed to believe nothing good is ever released on a Friday—not to mention Friday afternoon announcements may get more scrutiny because of the association. But the art of choosing when to announce bad news is a matter of timing and context in the world of always-on media.

Social Media Strategy
Ever wondered why negativity seems to draw more attention when used in social media? Wired did, too, and this article gives an explanation of the psychology of negativity and why it often works to draw attention. Turns out the phenomenon of “hypercriticism” creates the perception that negative comments are more intelligent than positive comments… so read the article, then sharpen your teeth and claws and get Tweeting!

Media Market Insights
Wired proves an interesting source on today’s interactive media market with a profile of YouTube phenom Marques Brownlee. Brownlee, a college student, began six years ago producing tech product reviews and posting his videos on YouTube. Today his channel boasts more subscribers than Kanye. He didn’t start out as a video sensation, but over time Brownlee developed a style that caught on. Persistence and personality has paid off.