Deval Patrick – Using Tech to Go Direct

Uncategorized Posted Jan 30, 2007 by metropolis

Last Tuesday, Governor Deval Patrick kicked off the Mass Technology Leadership Council‘s annual meeting. Deval’s intro highlighted the point that he used “technology to bring grass roots campaigning into the 21st century” with tools like podcasting and (powered by Brightcove).

Patrick opened with his trademark self-deprecating humor. “I’m not that technical – really. Just ask the state troopers.” He explained that just the day before, he’d set off the smoke alarms in the State House by trying to start a fire in his fireplace.

Patrick sent a strong pro-business message, noting, “We have to step up our game” to remain competitive with other tech powerhouse regions. Rob Weisman at the Globe covered his commitment to streamline permits and regulatory approvals and noted his appointment of a permitting ombudsman, Gregory P. Bialecki. (Patrick also suggested that we call Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray if the permitting process isn’t working. )

Patrick said that he has gotten some of his best ideas from blogs and wants to continue to encourage this kind of interaction so that people remember “government is not them, it’s us.”

The Governor made good on this commitment last Friday, with his first podcast. recapping his first few weeks in office. He plans to record these updates weekly. Note that the site is offering a transcript as well.

Great step towards increased transparency in state government.