This Disaster goes to 11…

Company Culture, Cyber Security, Events, Public Relations Posted Feb 5, 2019 by Kevin Kosh

As predictable as the unpredictability of New England weather, so is the fact that this time of year, you both always know, and forever are shocked, when RSA Conference crests the horizon.

For a PR person it’s one of two gauntlets we must run yearly, and the destination can be as daunting, if not more, than the journey. RSA Conference – the show – is exhausting for most.  To steal a phrase, it feels like both a marathon and a sprint.

Whether you choose to get there a little early to ease in, or you drop in on day one and hit the ground running, it’s a test of endurance. When you get to Thursday, most could be charitably described as hot messes.


That’s why CHEN PR is again honored to support the Securosis RSA Disaster Recovery Breakfast, and this year it goes to 11…years.

As always, the breakfast is Thursday morning (March 7) from 8-11 at Tabletop Tap House in the Metreon. It’s an open door event to convene, reflect and grab drinks and good food to relieve whatever may ail you at that point in the week – and that does include copious amounts of canine tresses – in the forms of Bloody Marys and Mimosas.  And the bar is open.

The Securosis folks do ask for RSVPs to help estimate numbers, so send those to rsvp (at) securosis (dot) com.  Also, I will be there with some of the CHEN PR team, so feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to say hi or share an evening RSA misadventure.  Stories are very much encouraged. Hey it’s not Vegas…that’s in the summer…