Dreaming big takes more than 140 characters

Uncategorized Posted Mar 5, 2013 by chenpr

innovation2What did you dream of as a kid?  Flying to the moon? Becoming the next great inventor? Building robots?

As children we were all told to “dream big” and that “anything is possible.”  So why does it seem that in our adulthood those ideologies have fallen by the wayside?  We are still faced with the same global issues we were faced with ten years ago like hunger, poverty, disease, and climate change, but have lost sight of finding the solutions through the innovation of big ideas and replaced them with gaining more Twitter followers and Facebook likes.

If you read that last paragraph and thought, “I’m ready to dream big and make those dreams reality!” then you should attend an event that celebrates modern day men and women who still believe in thinking big and finding faith in technological innovation.   On Wednesday March 13, 2013 the MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge will present an Innovation Series Event, “Big Ideas, Big Solutions – How can we solve more big problems?”

The event, featuring MIT Technology Review Editor-in-Chief and Publisher Jason Pontin, follows the lead of MIT Technology Review’s “Big Ideas, Big Solutions” issue and includes an expert panel of innovators and professional dream-followers.  If you want to be challenged to look into the future and discover how you can be a part of innovations that will solve the big problems, this is the event for you.

To register and learn more visit here.

You can also learn more about this event by visiting the Facebook event page and following MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge on Twitter.