“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”

Uncategorized Posted Nov 6, 2012 by Bryan Grillo

What a wonderfully inspirational quote applicable to both our business and personal lives. And until two weeks ago, I had never heard it before – let alone realize it’s attributed to Ben Franklin.

Laura Fitton, aka Pistachio, invoked “The First American” during IMS Boston 2012. Her session titled, “The New Twitter and How it Fits in Your Inbound Marketing Toolbox” was designed to help attendees leverage Twitter to best effect.

The lead author of Twitter for Dummies, Laura referred to the social media platform as an “EKG for attention.” Likening it to “skin on earth,” she described Twitter as a sensing and signaling mechanism for what’s going on.

In addition to the aforementioned exhortation from one of the Founding Fathers, she offered up several other key takeaways including:

  • You don’t want a following, you want engagement.
  • Be useful to people.
  • Don’t just retweet the title from a blog post, capture the most compelling statistic or ask a provocative question.

Toward the end of her talk, Laura summarized Twitter marketing into 4 elements: Listen. Learn. Care. Serve.

More motivational words to work and live by.