Enjoyable Meeting with PR Peers

Uncategorized Posted Sep 17, 2009 by chenpr

Having the opportunity to meet with one’s peers and discuss challenges and opportunities in the PR industry is always interesting and a pleasure to reconnect. Earlier this week I attended a meeting hosted by the Council of Public Relations Firms that included representatives of consumer and technology firms. The commonality and agreement among us was very evident. We’re all seeing “signs of life” in the economy, some beginning to hire again (including CHEN PR), but all also still dealing with the realities of the recession in terms of expectations paired with budgets.

We spent a fair amount of time discussing social and digital media challenges and opportunities. CHEN PR is seeing the impact for all of our clients, regardless of industry. As an example, we announced our client SpaceClaim’s support of Windows multi-touch with a very clever video, created by SpaceClaim. On YouTube, the video now has over 20,000 hits, and has led to broad coverage, spontaneous response and interest from non-engineering media including, the NY Times, CNET, Wired, Gizmodo and Popular Science.