Extreme Makeover: Website Edition

Company Culture, Public Relations Posted Sep 15, 2014 by chenpr

It’s likely that since you’re reading this blog right now you’ve noticed that CHEN PR has a brand-spanking-new website. And she’s quite the beauty if I do say so myself. The main reason for my (perhaps) over-zealous fawning over the new site is that Kayla, Chris (CHEN Partner and the “C” in CHEN PR) and I have spent the past six months or so putting our blood, sweat and tears (which will likely be replenished with a big champagne toast to our success) into the design overhaul. I think I speak for all three of us when I say that, as big as a project we knew it would be, we were caught a bit off guard with just how involved and detail driven it actually was – affording us a new appreciation for the process. It was a wakeup call to gain an understanding of how much it takes to give the appropriate amount of TLC to your own brand while balancing with our day-to-day client activity which never slowed down for a second during the redesign process (nor did we expect it to).

But as is with all things we do here at CHEN, the hard work was well worth the reward.


This much needed brand boost has been a breath of fresh air now that the project is complete. No longer do we cringe at the thought of clients, partners and friends hitting our site. Never again will I have to say words, “Here’s our website address and just FYI we’re in the middle of a redesign.”  As a group of people who often put our own needs at the bottom of the to-do list it’s been fun to have the chance to take a moment here and there to brag about our shiny new toy.

Personally, in my almost two years at CHEN this was the project that gave me the widest range of emotions. From feeling lost as to how to even begin to build a new website, to frustration over my own indecisiveness, to paralyzing fear of being recorded for our corporate video and finally to an immense sense of pride when all was said and done. It was a rollercoaster ride, but just like a kid at an amusement park, I’m smiling ear-to-ear at the end (and thankful there was no hidden camera snapping candids along the way a la Splash Mountain).


But anyone can take one look at our fabulous new site and know that we didn’t do this on our own. We were lucky enough to get hooked up with some of the best in the game and owe huge thanks (and a few beers) to Metropolis Creative, Skyscope, Sally Sisson Writing Services, Abby Oldham Photography, Sally Bament/BTI Systems and Kevin Kempskie/RSA.

Without all of your expertise, guidance and patience, Kayla, Chris and I would still be sitting here scratching our heads wondering where to even start.