Find a Reason to Celebrate—it’s Good for the Soul

Company Culture Posted Mar 16, 2016 by Liza Vilnits

When you’re in the weekly grind of pitching stories, scheduling meetings, drafting briefing docs, attending client calls, creating new content and doing whatever other drudgery comes with being a PR pro, it’s easy to jump from one thing to another without reflecting on the great work done for the client, and yes, feeling proud of the work you’ve accomplished.

As my fellow CHENer Kayla recently relayed, we had quite a bit going last month in preparation for one of the biggest security conferences of the year. Seven of our clients attended RSA this year and it was more than a little crazy leading up to it. But, as always, we got through it and earned a lot of client accolades in the process. I’m not saying this to boast about how awesome we are (but we are); I’m just saying it because after having dedicated months to helping our clients capitalize on the show, it feels good to see that our hard work paid off.

A cause for celebration, perhaps? Of course! One of my favorite things about the CHEN culture: Work Hard, Play Hard.


We’re already getting in the spirit here at CHEN HQ

With that in mind, tomorrow CHEN will close up shop a bit early to brave the streets of Boston with all the other Irish-for-a-day St. Patrick’s Day revelers, decked out in festive green outfits and with pints in our hands. There’s a party to attend and a little bar hopping to do at a few of our favorite Downtown Crossing haunts in observance of the fun holiday.

With busy personal and professional lives sometimes happens that we get stuck in the routine. But as I’ve learned from the head honchos here at CHEN, celebrating your accomplishments is just as important as getting there. So raise a glass and offer a toast of Slainte (or L’chaim as my people say) and have some fun. It’s good for the soul no matter what clan—or tribe—you claim.

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