Food, Drinks, and a Whole Lot of Business

Uncategorized Posted Jul 23, 2013 by Kayla Krause

Some look at it as a chore, others call it “work,” and some say it’s fun! What is this thing that people have many different perceptions on? Networking. Being in the public relations industry, networking is probably one of the keys, if not the key to the business. Here are a few benefits to networking and why it’s important to your public relations career…

Shared Information

Networking is a great opportunity to share your knowledge with others and gain some they have in return. You can learn new industry tips or receive fresh ideas and advice. It’s also a good place to exchange stories, whether they are about best practices or how to handle certain situations – there’s a wealth of knowledge and many experiences that can be shared.


Tlogo-linkedinhink of it as a way to increase your number of connections on LinkedIn. You know we all envy those that are in the 500+ category – well, here’s a way to get there! Networking allows you to meet new people and build new relationships. It can open up a window of opportunity, whether it benefits you today or a few months from now. By simply meeting new people or seeing old friends in the industry can create new business and increase business opportunities.

Confidence Booster

Yes, that’s right. For those shy people who aren’t so “smooth” at meeting new people, after networking for a couple hours with new faces, it can greatly increase your confidence. Or those already confident people who can strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, this enhances your business growth as you’re making more connections. By putting yourself out there with new people and conversing among those in the same industry, it further drives you to be ambitious and confident in your own career as well.

Resume Builder

networkingBy networking with other public relations professionals, clients, partners, etc., you become more visible in the community. Even by sharing helpful information or tips with others, you will create a stronger reputation for yourself, and in turn, people will begin to notice you more. This could help you as others may use you as a reference or be a reference for you in the future! For instance, someone may come across a new business opportunity and you could be the first one that comes to mind because of a conversation you had with them at a recent networking event.

So, you get invited to a networking soiree, there’s going to be 100+ people there, all within the same industry/field. Even if you only had time to stay for an hour, you’d still be able to bask in the benefits listed above. At the very least, you could gain a few new LinkedIn connections, bounce ideas off a new friend, and hopefully enjoy a few cocktails while doing so. It’s a win-win situation – and I guarantee you’ll feel better after going…trust me!