From Commodity to Specialty: A Friendly Reminder of Why We Do What We Do

Uncategorized Posted Oct 24, 2012 by chenpr

Ever feel like you spend your time so focused on what you’re doing that you often lose sight of why you’re doing it?

It’s so easy to get bogged down with details and technicalities that sometimes it’s helpful to step back and remember the big reason you spend all day dealing with the small stuff.

Attending this week’s Inbound Marketing Summit, hosted by The Pulse Network and concurrent with FutureM, was the perfect reminder of the “big picture.”

The two-day summit kicked off yesterday with a keynote presentation by Clark Kokich of Razorfish. He explained that every new product begins as a specialty product. Then, competition and demand eventually drive those products to become commodities.

Simply put, it is a marketer’s job to turn what has become a commodity back into a specialty. We must remind buyers that there’s a specific and important reason they need what we have … and that whatever others have to offer, it just can’t compare to ours.

For those of you who’ve have been in our industry for years, this may seem obvious. Even for those of you who just graduated with marketing, advertising or PR degrees, this may seem obvious. And it certainly is. But do you ever overlook it?

For example, a few of the presentations I attended at the summit spoke about how it was necessary to have a mobile web page. However, this cannot mean merely going through the motions to make a downloadable app so you can keep up with your competition. It is easy to get caught up in “keeping up”- so much so that it is equally easy to forget about the big picture of standing out.

A poorly designed app will only draw negative attention, or none at all.

Mr. Kokich pointed out, through case study examples, that a big idea in marketing must also be a focused idea. Once your company or your client’s company has committed to following a big plan to improve the brand, or promote a product, that big plan must be carried out in a big, and complete, way.

The next time your efforts feel scattered, or you find yourself going through the motions just to keep up, try stepping back and taking a look at the big picture. What is the ultimate goal for the company’s brand or product? And furthermore, what are your objectives as an expert marketer?

Then jump in with both feet and make great stuff happen!