Future cast: Mark Twain started it!

Entrepreneurs, High Technology, Public Relations Posted Aug 6, 2015 by Kayla Krause

MarkTwainFuture cast or future casting – these phrases may be new or familiar to you. Having just come across this term recently, I became intrigued. I was browsing through a sci-fi article, not usually my type of reading, but the headline caught my eye, “6 Eerily Specific Inventions Predicted in Science Fiction.” One of the six predictions was from Mark Twain.  He predicted the Internet (Hold on! What?) So, I began Googling away and came across the word “future cast.” One thing led to another so here I am, writing about future cast.

I know what you’re thinking…so, what is future cast and where did this term arise?  Well, as you can probably assume, future cast is essentially the practice of envisioning yourself, your business, etc., in the future. Derived from sci-fi novels and social science methods, it has been referenced to people and more specifically, companies developing a vision for the future through research, trends, technology, etc. To be honest, the term isn’t even listed in Webster’s dictionary – but I think/feel like it will be in the future. No pun intended! Sorry folks, I couldn’t resist.

Working in the public relations industry, specifically at CHEN PR, I couldn’t help but relate to the term as it is such a huge part of our job. On a daily basis, we help clients to establish and continue to drive thought leadership that help raise company value, brand awareness and maintain success. We work side-by-side with them to define new markets–making way for a new product and/or approach that ultimately paves the roadmap for the industry.

Not only do we do this for our clients, as a public relations company, we also future cast for ourselves. As we’ve discussed in past blog posts, CHEN PR is regularly out and about at events, travelling to conferences and networking events, observing the market and seeing what’s new or hearing new topics of conversation to gage where we are in the industry and how we want to contribute and add to the ever-growing future public relations industry.

So looking back on these theories (so to speak) Mark Twain had this idea of connecting with people from across the country through ease of technology; and CHEN PR has ideas and helps our clients implement them to improve their future roadmaps and marketing position – could we also be on to something? It’s interesting to think about – people, groups and companies, have these ideas that could become an actual phenomenon decades or centuries from now.  I can’t help but to think, what would Mark Twain say if he saw life today—how much our lives are so immensely intertwined in what we now know as the Internet…the World Wide Web?

Star TrekIt’s not necessarily the prediction itself but the thought process behind it and how you came to that conclusion. Through thought processes like these, is where we formulate the future, or better yet, create the future. Take a look at Star Trek – who would’ve thought we’d end up with “communicators,” aka mobile phones; they seemed so weird, in an out-of-this-world kind of way. So who’s to say what will come out next .We’re all visionaries but it’s the future cast that will determine who or what will be a success.