Giving Thanks as we Roll Into the Holiday Season

Uncategorized Posted Nov 20, 2018 by Jennifer Torode

It’s Thanksgiving week and let’s be honest, if you’re American or living in this incredible country and embracing this truly special tradition, you woke up in an outstanding mood on Monday knowing that it’s a short work week.

As Thanksgiving essentially kicks off the holiday season and the window to Christmas grows narrower, it conjures up all sorts of emotions. From the anticipation of having to tackle a long holiday shopping list post-Thanksgiving, seeing some of your favorite people and a few undesirables, to all the scheduled festivities in between.

Hold the reins and prepare yourself for the holiday ride.  Below are some Thanksgiving tips to consider.

Toss a genuine compliment or two

Help the host

Acknowledge those around you even if they drive you crazy

Never talk politics

Keep only the positive family traditions

Sing songs that make you smile

Give yourself time to regroup even for a few minutes

Initiate fun conversation and happy memories with people you hold dear

Verify that you’re drinking your drink and not someone else’s

Include kids in your conversation as they are what make the holidays extra special

Never drink too much and get sloppy—no one likes to babysit an adult

Go into the season with gratitude, not attitude


Happy Thanksgiving and here’s to a healthy and happy holiday season!