Hello September! Good-bye Summer.

Uncategorized Posted Sep 6, 2013 by Jennifer Torode


Summertime is a blessing and a curse. Why you may ponder?

Across all professions and stages of life, we all experience summertime “flu-like symptoms.” What does that mean? Well, as summer is incredibly short lived—especially for those of us who live in Boston—our time outdoors is more limited throughout the year so we squeeze every last minute of warm weather and daylight we have and our healthy motivation takes a little nose dip.

We all experience the slips in motivation and focus and try to leave the office on time to enjoy the summer evenings. Now, just for the record, this does not mean that we slack off on our duties or quality of our work—it’s just that we need to ignite the flame beneath us more often during the summer months. As colleagues, clients, family and friends often vacation in the summer and sprinkle in some additional days off to play, we all feel a pinch or a fist full of distraction.

So, with summer in our rear view mirror, we all find ourselves slowly easing our way into the crisp autumn weather and most of us feel or expect others to be back in full swing. I think of September as a month to start fresh—a clean slate for getting organized, setting new goals and possibly new processes, blowing the dust off some postponed plans, etc. Although I’m sad to say farewell to summer, especially as it went by at lightning speed, I welcome fall for all of the above reasons.