Holiday Gifts for Geeks

Uncategorized Posted Nov 1, 2006 by metropolis

Fall arrives and the holiday catalogs wedge their way into my mailbox. And my thoughts turn to ….Bob Zurek’s annual Gifts for Geeks list!

OK – Bob actually calls it “My Top 10 Hot Holiday Toys for 2006,” but the list always has a distinctive geek appeal. Bob somehow manages to keep his finger on the pulse of what’s hip. An item or two always intersects with my teen son’s wish list. (This year, it’s the Slingbox Pro. Sure — I really want my teen to have always-on access to HDTV and other media sources…)

But demonstrating the broadening appeal of his list, Bob’s also featured “Amazing Allysen” from Playmates Toys (an animated robotic doll for the 7-11 year-old set) as well as the SpongeBob version of the popular build-your-own-robot Mindstorm Lego line.

And then there’s an official sport called sport stacking! Bob recommends the Speed Stacks® brand. According to the company website:

Sport stacking is now the fastest growing sport in the country. Its fun to learn and highly addictive! But remember: sport stacking is not just about stacking cups. It’s about stacking against the clock to get your best time.

This sport has real potential for your next team building session or brainstorming meeting.